Home & Auto

Fallen tree on carWe know how hard our clients work to build a better future for themselves and their families. But, what is even more important in today’s world than building the assets you have worked so hard to acquire? PROTECTING THEM.

At Truitt, we have full-time staff dedicated strictly to locating the best insurance alternatives available for your home, auto and other personal possessions. All of the insurance carriers we represent are rated “A-Excellent” or higher by A.M. Best Company so that you can rest assured you will be able to rely on the companies providing your insurance coverage. Truitt Insurance & Bonding welcomes the opportunity to work with you on any of your personal insurance needs. We are confident you will be well-pleased with the friendly, professional service and results provided.

Homeowner Policy

Your homeowner’s policy provides broad protection for your home and belongings. Optional coverage is available for special items such as antiques, vacation homes, guns, artwork, furs, jewelry, collectibles, boats and more. The primary items covered under a typical homeowner’s policy include:

Personal Auto Policy

Your automobile insurance policy protects you against claims for which you may become liable due to an auto accident. Some of the major coverages provided under the auto policy include:

Some additional coverages that can also be a part of an auto policy include:

Personal Umbrella Policy

We strongly encourage our clients to carry personal umbrella protection to help insulate their assets should they become involved in a legal dispute in which they are accused of being at fault. Most people do not realize that your basic homeowner and auto policies might not provide enough coverage in the event a lawsuit is brought against you in today’s legal environment. Lawyer’s fees, court costs and liability judgements associated with a lawsuit often reach amounts that can seriously threaten your family’s financial well-being. Unexpected occurrences happen every day – such as a family pet attacking a neighbor’s child, or someone drowning in your swimming pool, or being involved in an accident where someone is killed or disabled. Lawsuits arising from these kinds of unfortunate accidents can have a devastating impact on your financial well-being if you are not adequately insured. A personal umbrella policy is an easy, affordable way to help safeguard yourself and your family.

Flood Insurance Policy

An additional coverage that is extremely important protects you and your family against flood damage. Flooding can occur practically anywhere for a number of reasons. Under most standard insurance policies, you will have no coverage for a flood unless acquired through a separate flood policy. Even if your property is located in a low-risk flood area, flood insurance should still be acquired as over 25% of all flood claims involve properties located in areas identified as a moderate-to-low flood risk.

At Truitt Insurance & Bonding, we welcome the opportunity to help you decide what insurance coverage truly meets your needs. Our staff will be happy to work with you in a friendly, no-pressure environment.