“Plowing The Mule”

Truitt Insurance & Bonding was officially founded as the John H. Truitt Insurance Agency in 1991 by John Truitt. JHT remains a driving force in the agency with February 2012 seeing him reach 50 years in the insurance industry. As he often reminds us all, John spent many, many days plowing a field behind a mule while growing up outside of Tallassee, Alabama. He correctly (and constantly) points out, if growing up looking at a mule’s rear-end doesn’t give you a burning desire to do something different, you simply cannot be motivated.

John took that motivation and started a career path where he learned a craft that has brought him success working on both the insurance company and agency side of the industry. He learned this business working for insurance carriers including Gulf American Insurance Company, Insurance Company of North America (INA) and Reliance Insurance Company. He also worked with well known insurance agencies Molton Allen & Williams and Johnson-Rast & Hays Company before founding Truitt Insurance & Bonding in 1991.

The insurance business has been a fantastic ride for John. He plans to continue doing what he loves until he reaches 100 so there are many years ahead we will all have to hear about that blasted mule. He also makes sure we all know how fortunate we are to do what we do, to work hard at it and keep our clients happy because if we don’t, we may end up walking behind that mule again for a living.